Love Your Neighbor Through Your Work

Mar 21, 2020 | Articles

Last weekend I struggled with how to love and serve my neighbors.

Do I deliver groceries to those who can’t (and shouldn’t) go out? Do I go donate blood to dwindling blood banks? Donate to struggling charities?

This past week it hit me.

Working at Facebook means one of the biggest things I can do to love my (2.5 billion monthly active) neighbors is to do the best work I can possibly do under the circumstances I find myself in.

At this very moment in time, billions are relying on WhatsApp to connect with loved ones, make video calls over Facebook messenger or Google Hangouts, and get information through Facebook newsfeed.

Governments across the world are using Facebook, Google and Zoom to organize their response to this crisis. Non-profits are using Facebook to fundraise desperately needed support. Groups are being used to organize blood drives and ways to share and distribute vital supplies to those who need them most. Deliveries from Amazon are now critical for folks who can’t (and shouldn’t) leave their home to go shopping. Google is more important than ever for getting accurate information to those who need it.

With companies working remotely, email services like Outlook and Gmail are critical for keeping companies across the globe running, while collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Google GSuite are critical for keeping teams running smoothly and projects on time. YouTube and Facebook live now make it possible for churches to continue to meet virtually.

For those in recruiting positions at these companies, loving our neighbors means continuing to hire amazing talent to keep these critical companies humming along. For HR roles, it means continuing to do amazing work to support global workforces that have now been forced to work remotely with all the friction that brings.

In business, sales, and marketing roles, it means helping thousands of small businesses navigate how to continue to support their struggling businesses in order to stay afloat. For engineers at these companies, it means keeping these services that billions are using to stay connected and supplied running reliably and free of misinformation.

The list could go on and on.

Whatever your role in the tech industry, you have a part to play in loving your neighbor and honoring God in all that you do through this season. The upheaval of the past couple of weeks has revealed how critical the work of so many, normally unnoticed, truly is. Our work matters to God, and it matters to our (global) neighbors. More than ever.

This article was contributed by Jason, an engineer at Facebook.


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