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 Technology is constantly reshaping our lives, disrupting the status quo and creating new possibilities.

Join us as we apply the theology of technology to all of life and help each other demystify tech to use it for God’s purposes. Listen to the TheoTech Podcast.

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Why Theology of Technology?

What is theology of technology and why is it important in the life of a believer? Join Chris and Natasha as they share their passion for the subject and discuss real-life examples on how it makes a difference in people’s lives today.

Season 3    |    33 min

Navigating Presbyterian Polity with AI

In this episode of the TheoTech Podcast, Rev. Dr. Andy Morgan, Director of Family Faith Formation at First Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, introduces "Polity Pal," an AI bot he developed to assist with understanding and navigating the complexities of...

The Blessings & Challenges of a Multilingual Church

In this episode of the TheoTech podcast, the pastoral leadership team at Westminster Chapel in Bellevue, Washington, shares their journey to build an intercultural community and create belonging through translation and accessibility. Hear from the Senior Pastor,...

Meet the Host

Chris Lim is the co-founder and CEO of TheoTech LLC and host of the TheoTech Podcast. His passion is to unleash believers to use their most valuable gifts for the Gospel in the tech industry and beyond. Chris is also a bit of a foodie, enjoys playing violin and absorbing insightful books.
Chris Lim

Chris Lim


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