Supporting Transformation: The Role of Church Government In a Pandemic

Jul 9, 2020 | Podcast, Season 3

Today we’re discussing church government and COVID-19 with our guest Eliana Maxim, Seattle Presbytery Co-Executive Presbyter. Eliana shares how Seattle area churches are ministering to their congregations and communities through the pandemic. Churches have been facing new technical problems, like how to have communion during a virtual service. And the solutions aren’t coming from denominations or church governments, but individual church leaders. So the Seattle Presbytery is stepping back to “let the church be the church”, and stepping up to having tough theological conversations that build a framework to support innovation.


This new mission-oriented movement could take us in a new direction, away from institutionalism and toward becoming an agile church, able to move “where the Spirit blows”. If you want to keep up with the work Eliana and the Seattle Presbytery are doing, you can follow them on twitter @seapres.

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