Don’t Code in Vain, Code for the Kingdom

Apr 7, 2019 | Podcast, Season 3

Have you ever felt like your work was in vain? Or wondered how to grow in your faith and work? In this episode with Eric Gan, a software engineer at Microsoft, we discuss what it means to work for the kingdom of God, and the promise Christians can cling to in the bleakest times.

Listen as Eric also shares why you should join Code for the Kingdom in Seattle this year, whether you’re a coder or not, and the encouragement to be found through the 24-hour hackathon.

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Links to things mentioned in this episode:

Every Good Endeavor, a book (affiliate link) on the theology of work by Tim Keller.
Disciple Tools, a WordPress based discipleship platform.
Ceaseless, an open source app for prayer.


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