Pray for Tech (Seattle)

Jan 24, 2019 | Articles, Events, Vision

Hi Friends, we just wanted to share about a new initiative we’ve been experimenting with called Pray for Tech. I share about it in this video or you can read more below.


We recently hosted our third “Pray for Tech” gathering in South Lake Union (Amazon’s neighborhood) to give thanks and pray for the leaders of Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, the whole Seattle tech scene. We also prayed for each other and for the impact of the tech industry on our communities.

More than 30 people, some from as far as Granite Falls, Bremerton and Everett (some of these locations are 40-70 miles away from our venue), braved the traffic and the viaduct closure on a Thursday night, just to pray. It was a diverse group of people from different churches, companies, and backgrounds united by a shared desire for prayer. 

Why Pray for Tech?

The tech industry has unprecedented influence in the world economically, socially and of course spiritually.

Our goal is to fulfill 1 Timothy 2:1-4 by praying specifically for tech titans–the leaders and the companies in an industry that generates more than $1 trillion in market value from Washington state alone. Beginning with these leaders, we want to pray for the employees, vendors, customers and every other relationship under their sphere of influence that they may lead wisely and justly, using their power for good and–perhaps our most spiritually ambitious request–is that they would be saved according to God’s desire.  

Who should come?

  • If you feel a craving for God’s will to be done in and through the tech industry, this is a place where you will meet and pray with like-minded people.
  • If you’re feeling called to see God’s Kingdom reflected in and through technology, this is a place where you can think about and start to act on what that means.
  • If you want to share and hear stories of God’s grace working in and through the tech industry, this is a place for you.
  • If you feel alone in the workplace and long for connection and a community pursuing a purpose bigger than entertainment, success or pleasure, you just might find that here.

To join our next gathering you can visit  

If you want to Pray for Tech in your city and need resources to help you get started, contact us.

If you’re looking for an app to help in your personal prayer life, check out Ceaseless.


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