Unleashing Creativity and Collaboration in the Church by Learning from Hackathons (feat. Shamichael Hallman)

Nov 17, 2017 | Podcast, Season 3

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How can pastors activate and engage techies? What can churches learn from Christian hackathons? What’s the key to great collaboration? How do you prevent burnout?

In this episode, Pastor Shamichael Hallman shares his experience as an early leader of Code for the Kingdom, a movement and event that’s activated thousands of people to use their gifts and passions to advance God’s Kingdom. Listen as he shares exciting new ways for the Church to engage its members and communities.

Get Shamichael’s book Hacked: How a Christian Hackathon is Shifting Traditional Engagement Models and Creating an Ecosystem for Life-Transforming Technology (affiliate link)

Connect with Shamichael Hallman: https://twitter.com/shamike2009

Connect with Chris Lim: https://twitter.com/meritandgrace

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