Ministry Leaders

Activate and unleash your congregation to passionately use their gifts for the gospel.

What would it look like if pastors and church ministers encouraged their church members to actively and passionately apply their gifts in their respective vocational, personal, and spiritual life?

At Theotech, we believe that “equipping the saints” is a critical key in technology entrepreneurship for the gospel.

We assume that most of your congregation works at a corporate company or business outside of the church. While we believe it is important for members to participate and be involved within the church, we want to help ministry leaders understand and cultivate workers who can glorify Christ at their job.

Theotech is excited to develop and create tools to help teach ministry leaders to understand and equip their flock to impact the world around them.

Equip the Saints

At Theotech's academy, we provide resources to help understand and unleash your members for the Gospel.

Be Inspiration and Encouragement

Don't bear your ministry alone. See how Theotech community can be a resource for your congregation.

Examples of using gifts

Theotech is developing technologies to help serve the body of Christ. Check them out here!