Do what you love for a cause that matters.

Getting the gospel to everyone on earth requires invention, creativity, skill and passion. We dream of developing and unleashing the gifts God has given you to make it happen.

What we do

We dream of a movement of technology entrepreneurship for the Gospel. This means beginning with God as our ultimate customer and working backwards to create the things that He wants to see in the world. We are unapologetically God obsessed and believe this obsession delivers immense value to people.

We invite others to adopt this mindset and “do what they love for a cause that matters” by inventing products that create opportunities for them to unleash their gifts for the gospel.

We invent and simplify solutions to problems instead of relying on the status quo. We are always learning about and discovering new ways of doing things and cultivating the best ideas into real products and services. We take comprehensive responsibility for delivering value to real people in a sustainable and profitable manner. We try as many iterations as it takes, learn whatever we need to learn, suffer whatever risks we need to suffer and generally do whatever it takes to fulfill our mission. Everything we create is driven by the values of God’s Kingdom and measured by its contribution to fulfilling God’s will in the world. Our solutions are shaped by the gospel and the conviction that no human creation can substitute for humanity’s ultimate need for Jesus, but that all good things we make are to help people hope in God, believing, obeying, and delighting in his words.

I invite you to explore our products and sign up for updates on our forthcoming community. This FAQ goes into greater detail about our philosophy. Here are links to two talks I've recently given:

Chris Lim
Founder, TheoTech

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