Pioneering the next innovative Gospel-centric idea?

What does Gospel-minded entrepreneurship look like? At Theotech, we have a few ideas:

First, we start with God as our employer. We believe God graces us with business ideas, creativity, and resources, and holds us accountable for how we use what has been given to us.

Next, we view God as our partner. How we define a company’s culture, reputation, and operations often depend on its workers. Since, businesses take time to grow and cultivate, we look forward to working with God as He shapes the landscapes of our company.

Finally, we end with God as the ultimate customer, and work backwards to create businesses and products that we believe our customer enjoys. By doing so, we believe the church and the world at large can be blessed by the things we create, because we care about our customer’s concerns.

Thus, “for from Him and through Him and for Him are all things” (Romans 11:36).

Remember, you are not alone! If we're going to pioneer the next Gospel-centered invention, we need to invite others to join us in collaborating and building together. Theotech is a community where entrepreneurs, like you, can find resources to get their idea going and contribute to the works of others.


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